Nevoxil disinfettante e igienizzante per lavatrice e bucato a mano


10 sachets of 20 g each

Thanks to its particular formulation, Nevoxil:


Nevoxil Sachets is the sanitizer specifically formulated to ensure the hygienic safety of clothing and linen. Often, fungi and bacteria lurk among the fibers of clothes and linen, capable of proliferating on the skin and causing a wide range of infectious skin diseases such as mycosis of the skin, epidermofitia, candidiasis or erythrasma. Nevoxil is used precisely to wash and disinfect clothes thoroughly in order to make them clean and safe, preventing them from becoming a vehicle for bacterial or fungal infections. In this way, it protects the receptive skin of subjects predisposed to mycosis, preventing the fungi from colonizing it again.

Nevoxil can be used for any item of clothing, from sportswear such as tracksuits, sweatshirts and T-shirts to towels, sheets and underwear, cotton and synthetic fiber fabrics, always ensuring maximum hygiene. This product is particularly suitable when you go to crowded places such as swimming pools and gyms.

Its sanitizing and bactericidal power makes it a perfect choice for mothers and fathers who want to feel safer when washing their children’s clothes. In fact, the laundry of the little ones requires more attention because children and babies have a less developed and efficient immune system, which makes them more exposed to diseases and infections. It is not enough to remove dirt stains, it is important that the clothes are disinfected carefully before the little ones can wear them again. Dresses, bodysuits, crib sheets and blankets, baby food bibs, underwear, changes for kindergarten, clothing used to go to school: Nevoxil is the perfect product to ensure the hygienic safety of all the clothes of the little ones.

Nevoxil bases its effectiveness on Sodium Percarbonate, a molecule with disinfectant, antifungal and antibacterial properties. A natural and eco-friendly detergent, which in contact with water releases nascent oxygen, capable of acting between the fibers of the fabrics that come into contact with the skin. Effective against spores, fungi, cocci and bacteria, both Gram-positive and Gram-negative.

Nevoxil is active already at 30 °

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Nevoxil Sachets is the sanitizer based on:

Sodium percarbonate

Optical brighteners


Laundry in the washing machine: In the case of washing clothes in the washing machine, for an optimal result it is sufficient to add 1 or 2 sachets of Nevoxil to the normal detergent.

Hand laundry: dissolve a Nevoxil sachet in 2.5 liters of water in a plastic container, with or without the addition of normal laundry detergent. Leave the items to be washed to soak for two hours, then rinse with plenty of cold water.

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