Avec Detergente Mousse detergente per pelli sensibili


Flacone  con dispenser 200 ml

Thanks to its active ingredients, Avec Cleansing Mousse:


Avec Cleansing Mousse is the delicate mousse to cleanse sensitive, intolerant and allergic skin of face and body without fear of irritation. A light and soft foam that spreads easily on the skin, nourishing and hydrating it while eliminating all traces of dirt and impurities. A simple gesture that gives a pleasant feeling of well-being and cleanliness.

Avec Cleansing Mousse helps to restore the thin protective layer that covers the surface of the skin and supports the natural regeneration capacity of the epidermis. Thanks to the beneficial effect of rice proteins and the nourishing properties of sweet almond oil, this gentle mousse is able to soften the skin. Another fundamental component is Oenothera oil, nourishing and emollient.

Avec Cleansing Mousse is one of the products in the Dry, Very Dry and Atopic Skin line, specifically designed to gently take care of dry, sensitive and easily irritable skin, which needs extra attention. Its use prepares for the application of Avec Fluid Emulsion, indicated for the treatment of large skin areas as an alternative to the use of cortisone, and of Avec Crema, a soothing cream that extinguishes irritation and is able to form a protective barrier on the skin. as a shield against further irritative stimuli. For help from the inside, the dermocosmetic products are also accompanied by a supplement: Avec Vegan Food Supplement, in chewable tablets, formulated with completely innovative active ingredients, to provide valid support to all the needs of atopic skin.

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Avec Detergente Mousse does not contain nickel or other irritating agents such as perfume, preservatives and dyes. A formulation that guarantees maximum tolerability even for the most delicate skins, most exposed and sensitive to internal and external aggressions.

AVEC cleanser mousse is indicated to cleanse:

  • skin prone to skin dysreactions such as erythema, eczema, ichthyosis, psoriasis and itching
  • the sensitive skin of young children and the elderly
  • hypersensitive, dry, red and dehydrated skin
  • skin prone to irritation and allergies

Avec Detergent Mousse is based on skin-friendly, pure, highly tolerated, eco-certified components:

Vegetable glycerin

12 %

Phytoextract of Chamomile

0,5 %

Yarrow phytoextract

0,5 %

Sweet Almond

0,1 %

Oenothera oil

0,1 %

Rice protein hydrolyzate

0,1 %

100% non-animal formulation.

INGREDIENTS: aqua, glycerin, sodium lauryl glucose carboxylate, lauryl polyglucose, decyl glucoside, oenothera biennis oil, prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, zanthoxylum alatum extract, hydrolyzed rice protein, achillea millefolium extract, chamomilla recutita extract, benzyl alcohol, cocamidopropyl betaine, oleyl alcohol, dehydroacetic acid.

  • Fragrance free
  • Without dyes
  • Without parabens
  • Without allergens
  • Without paraffin
  • Without PEGS
  • Without silicones
  • Without formaldehyde additives
  • Without phenoxyethanol
  • Without mineral oils
  • Without chelating agents
  • It does not contain raw materials of animal origin
  • Nickel-Safe *


* Nickel less than 0.0001%

Product tested to ensure maximum tolerability in sensitive subjects. Test performed by ICP-MS on each production batch.

Dispense one or more doses of Avec Cleansing Mousse on the palm of the hand and spread the product on the face and body. Rinse thoroughly. Avec Cleanser Mousse can also be applied without massaging. The special dispenser, made according to the most modern technologies, works without the use of propellant gases that are harmful to the environment. A single gesture is enough to dispense one of the 250 doses of soft mousse.

 Avec Detergent Mousse, with its delicate cleansing action, prepares the skin for the application of the other products of the line, Avec Fluid Emulsion and Avec Cream, for a complete treatment of dry, irritated or dysreactive skin such as eczema, erythema, ichthyosis, etc. .

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Nickel Safe

The goal of our work is to promote the health of people, men and women. Health that passes through the skin.

Sensitive skin is known to be easily reactive and nickel is one of the metals that trigger allergic reactions.

For this reason it is important to use NICKEL SAFE formulated cosmetic products and GD products are: they are made with certified nickel-free raw materials and are tested specifically at the end of each production and at the end of packaging, so as to exclude any contamination in the different phases. In this way we guarantee the consumer maximum skin tolerability.

The tests are carried out in external laboratories on each production lot by ICP / MS and the products are distributed only when the quantity of nickel detected is less than 0.0001%.


Every year, millions of hectares of green forests disappear under the blows of uncontrolled and irrational logging.

The consequences are often irreparable: desertification, destruction of natural habitats, loss of biodiversity.

The choices we make have a weight, for the planet and for people. For this reason, for years now, we have adopted green solutions for our cases and leaflets, aware that it is possible to obtain the materials necessary for their production without having to damage the environment.

We use paper and cardboard produced from wood from forests managed in a sustainable manner according to strict environmental, social and economic standards. Furthermore, our packaging is fully recyclable.