SINCE 1920

The year is 1920 when Dr. Gaetano Dell’Osso becomes a pharmacist of the Kingdom of Italy

Thus begins our story in a small town in Basilicata

Dr. Gaetano is a man ahead of his time, entrepreneur and apothecary, in times when the pharmaceutical industry was taking its first steps, he creates a workshop where he starts the preparation of galenic products intended far the care and well-being of his fellow citizen.

In 1968 the Officina Farmaceutica moves to Rame in the hands of his son, Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Dell’Osso, who is also a passionate Pharmacist and entrepreneur with a lucid and eclectic vision far the future. Under his guidance, the business develops and L.E.D.I. Derma Laboratori Eudermici Italiani is born. Among the first companies in ltaly to produce and present a line of dermocosmetic products to the medicai class. Thanks to his daily relationship with dermatologists, Prof. Dell’Osso identifies their needs and studies appropriate solutions, creating complete and highly successful dermo-cosmetic treatments. Through L.E.D.I., and by dedicating himself to university teaching of the subject. he actively contributes to founding the modern Cosmetologica! Science.
GD Tecnologie Interdisciplinari Farmaceutiche was born in the early 8Os, and at the same time “L’Altra Via Cosmetica“, (The Other Cosmetic Approach) takes shape. A new and important branch reserved far arai treatments and supplements that expands the intervention horizon to new targets other than dermatology, in line with the most modern scientific trends of our days.

Since 2008, the daughter, Prof. Dr. Noemi Dell’Osso, has taken the lead of the companies, pursuing the family mission, expanding them, and then merging them into GO in 2010.
She dedicates herself to projecting the company into the new millennium with passion and enthusiasm, introducing new 4.0 technologies, not neglecting one of the aspects that have always characterized GO: namely the rigorous medical-scientific approach.

She enhances the business by introducing new professionals and preparing the staff far corporate growth. She brings the company to ISO Quality Certifications, extends the product portfolio to Medicai Devices, and opens it up to foreign markets such as the Caribbean, South America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.
Forerunner in green policy she has led the company to be among the first to adopt production parameters and materials that protect the environment.


GD‘s objective is to transfer scientific innovation and research to the healthcare sector.

The commitment is to contribute to the health and well-being of our customers through attentive company policies that protect the territory and the environment.

Among the first companies in ltaly to embrace the VEGAN and GREEN philosophies and to follow the standards
of the Treaty of Hawaii (May 2018). Since 2016 GD quality has been certified according to the strict quality standards ISO9001 and ISO22716 and since 2022 also ISO13485



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