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Thanks to its active ingredients, Pigmadin Tablets:


Pigmadin is the eupigmenting, immunomodulating and antioxidant vegan food supplement that acts effectively on skin pigmentation, stimulating the production of melanin and reducing photosensitivity, which is the reason behind skin reactions such as photodermatosis. Its formulation with powerful natural antioxidants of the latest generation makes it particularly suitable for skin affected by vitiligo. This autoimmune disease is triggered by a number of factors, including the action of free radicals on melanocytes. Pigmadin counteracts this mechanism, protecting cells from oxidative stress damage and helps the skin to regain its natural color, favoring the re-pigmentation processes associated with sun exposure or phototherapy.

Pigmadin is also an indispensable ally in other cases where an alteration of the pigmentation occurs. Such as those annoying white spots that appear on the skin after we have suffered a trauma or an injury (post-traumatic hypopigmentation) or that derive from particular inflammatory pathologies (post-inflammatory hypopigmentation), but also due to idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis.

Even when undergoing phototherapy, Pigmadin represents an indispensable aid, thanks to which it is possible not only to prevent and limit the side effects of UV radiation on the skin, but also to enhance its beneficial effects, improving the skin response to treatment and obtaining, consequently, even more satisfactory results. Experimental studies show that piperine, contained in Pigmadin, stimulates pigmentation induced by UV rays.

With Pigmadin you can return to enjoy the pleasure of the sun on the skin, without fearing sunburns or rashes. It protects the skin of subjects with phototype I and II, that is, with fair or very fair complexions, and prevents the onset of photodermatosis in subjects at risk.

Pigmadin is part of our line dedicated to Pigmentation, specifically designed to help those who suffer from skin color changes. The same line includes Melanidin Plus, the eupigmenting cream that stands out from the common self-tanners because it does not simply serve to mask discolorations or pigmentation changes but stimulates the production of melanin while reproducing the natural color of the skin, also promoting correct hydration.

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Pigmadin vegan food supplement is indicated for:

  • Vitiligo and other pigmentation changes such as post-inflammatory hypopigmentation, post-traumatic hypopigmentation, idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis
  • Limit the side effects of phototherapy and improve the skin response to phototherapy treatment
  • Protect very fair skin and that of subjects suffering from forms of intolerance to sunlight (leucitis or photodermatosis)
  • Protect skin that exhibits premature photoaging (photoaging)

Reference values for 2 tablets.

Pigmadin is the eupigmenting, immunomodulatory and antioxidant vegan food supplement based on:


300 mg

Maca dry extract

90 mg

Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCg) from Green Tea

10 mg


5 mg

Bioperine® – Black pepper dry extract
    of which Piperine

10 mg
9,5 mg

Haematococcus pluvialis Flotow d.e.
    of which astaxanthin

20 mg
1 mg

Vitamin D2

5 mcg

Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)

0,42 mg


40 mcg

Pigmadin Plus is a vegan food supplement:

  • gluten free
  • lactose-free

We undertake to carry out analyzes on each production batch to exclude any contamination.

It does not cause weight gain.

The high tolerability allows its use by people of any age.

It is a natural source of Vitamin D.

The product should be used as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Due to the presence of Epigallocatechinagallate (EGCG) from green tea, use during pregnancy is not recommended.

Pigmadin Plus supplement can be used for different purposes.

As an adjuvant treatment in vitiligo: take 2 tablets a day of Pigmadin Plus at mealtimes, even for prolonged periods, in combination or not with phototherapy

As an adjunct during phototherapy treatment: treatment with Pigmadin must be started 15 days before the start of phototherapy and continue for the entire period in which you are undergoing phototherapy treatment. It is recommended to take 2 Pigmadin tablets a day at mealtimes.

As a preventive treatment of photodermatosis or Lucite: the prevention treatment with Pigmadin must be started at least one month before sun exposure and must continue for the entire period of exposure to solar radiation. We recommend taking 2 Pigmadin tablets at mealtimes.

As a treatment for people at risk in periods of intense sun exposure: it is recommended to start treatment with Pigmadin at least 15 days before sun exposure and to continue for the entire period, taking one tablet a day

In cases where it is necessary to treat patients with very high photosensitivity or with relapsing photodermatosis, whose trigger threshold is very low, another product containing carotenoids and antioxidants can be usefully associated, such as Tannidin Plus Chewable tablets. at a dose of one tablet a day in order to further increase the intake of antioxidant carotenoids.

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Every year, millions of hectares of green forests disappear under the blows of uncontrolled and irrational logging.

The consequences are often irreparable: desertification, destruction of natural habitats, loss of biodiversity.

The choices we make have a weight, for the planet and for people. For this reason, for years now, we have adopted green solutions for our cases and leaflets, aware that it is possible to obtain the materials necessary for their production without having to damage the environment.

We use paper and cardboard produced from wood from forests managed in a sustainable manner according to strict environmental, social and economic standards. Furthermore, our packaging is fully recyclable.


All our supplements are gluten-free formulated to be used even by those who, due to intolerance, allergy or even by choice, cannot take gluten. At the same time, they are also lactose free.

And we say this in full conscience because the ingredients chosen are certified and, once the batch is finished, GD also carries out specific tests to exclude the possibility of contamination in the production laboratories.

When the compliance results are released, the product arrives on the pharmacy shelves. This happens for each production batch and for each GD supplement.


The Vegan Lifestyle is an integral part of the philosophy behind our project. Veganism for us is a precise ethical choice, linked to respect for nature and the idea that everything that makes us feel good can come from it.

With this in mind, we undertake not to harm animals of any species in any way.

This is why our food supplements are formulated with ingredients from the plant world, enriched with vitamins and minerals, and absolutely 100% NON ANIMAL.