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Thanks to its active ingredients, Omegadin Plus:


Omegadin Plus is a vegan food supplement that combines the beneficial effects of unsaturated fatty acids of the omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 series of plant origin and R.O.C. A concentrate of wellness in capsules which, thanks to its active ingredients, contributes to normal metabolic and cardiovascular function.

Metabolic syndrome is an emerging disease, the result of the modification of our eating and life habits and it is linked to the accumulation of fat in our body. The evolution of the metabolic syndrome increases the risk of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and dyslipidemia.

Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory, antiarrhythmic and antithrombotic as well as cardioprotective and vasodilatory properties. They bring beneficial effects to microcirculation and are active on the improvement of endothelial function and on the reduction of blood pressure. Added to this are the benefits derived from the Red Orange Complex (R.O.C.), extracted from fresh Sicilian blood oranges, a precious natural resource that carries out a protective antioxidant action for cell membranes which play a fundamental role in numerous metabolic processes.

Omegadin Plus is an aid for the metabolism that comes from nature and fully respects it. The fatty acids contained in the supplement come from non-GMO plant sources. Omegadin Plus is a real revolution in the field of omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acid supplements. Until recently, in fact, the source from which these invaluable resources were drawn was fish oil. Today it can finally be extracted without having to rely on animal sources. Our choice, guided by long research and laboratory tests, fell on Ahiflower® oil, a refined oil produced from the seeds of the Buglossoides arvensis plant, very rich in essential fatty acids (60% omega-3; 15% omega- 6; 6% omega-9). Another fundamental contribution comes from olive oil, the liquid gold of the Mediterranean, with its scent of history and traditions, which confirm the extraordinary properties of this precious product of the earth.

The Controlled Release formulation ,a particular patented technology, ensures that the active ingredients are released slowly, allowing the body to absorb them gradually. Consequently, the action of Omegadin Plus and its effect are prolonged over time.

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Taking Omegadin Plus, a gluten-free and lactose-free vegan supplement, is recommended to supplement diets aimed at fighting:

  • Hyperlipidemia and dyslipidemia
  • atherosclerosis
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • metabolic syndrome
  • hepatic steatosis.

Reference values for 1 capsule.

Omegadin Plus is a vegan food supplement based on:

Buglossoides arvensis, oil
Olive fruit, oil 

342,20 mg
  68,94 mg

of which

Saturated fatty acids

33 mg

Monounsaturated fatty acids
        of which Omega-9 (oleic acid)

130 mg
34 mg

Polyunsaturated fatty acids
       of which Omega-3 (SDA + ALA)
       of which Omega-6 (GLA + LA)

250 mg
200 mg
50 mg

lood orange dry extract – R.O.C. Red Orange ComplexTM

50 mg

Vitamin C

40 mg

Vitamin E

6 mg


25 mcg

Omegadin Plus is a vegan food supplement:

  • gluten free
  • lactose-free

The analyzes are carried out on the individual raw materials and on the finished product, to exclude any contamination for each production batch.

100% non-animal formulation

It does not involve weight gain

We recommend taking one capsule of Omegadin Plus once a day, preferably after meals.

Do not exceed the recommended dose. The product should be used as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Liquid filled capsules. Capsules coated with a gastroprotective film that allows the supplement to be administered even to those who have difficulty swallowing. If necessary, the capsules can be opened and the contents poured into a glass.

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Every year, millions of hectares of green forests disappear under the blows of uncontrolled and irrational logging.

The consequences are often irreparable: desertification, destruction of natural habitats, loss of biodiversity.

The choices we make have a weight, for the planet and for people. For this reason, for years now, we have adopted green solutions for our cases and leaflets, aware that it is possible to obtain the materials necessary for their production without having to damage the environment.

We use paper and cardboard produced from wood from forests managed in a sustainable manner according to strict environmental, social and economic standards. Furthermore, our packaging is fully recyclable.


All our supplements are gluten-free formulated to be used even by those who, due to intolerance, allergy or even by choice, cannot take gluten. At the same time, they are also lactose free.

And we say this in full conscience because the ingredients chosen are certified and, once the batch is finished, GD also carries out specific tests to exclude the possibility of contamination in the production laboratories.

When the compliance results are released, the product arrives on the pharmacy shelves. This happens for each production batch and for each GD supplement.


The Vegan Lifestyle is an integral part of the philosophy behind our project. Veganism for us is a precise ethical choice, linked to respect for nature and the idea that everything that makes us feel good can come from it.

With this in mind, we undertake not to harm animals of any species in any way.

This is why our food supplements are formulated with ingredients from the plant world, enriched with vitamins and minerals, and absolutely 100% NON ANIMAL.