Vegan Lifestyle:
Our Credo

The other cosmetic route becomes “Vegan Lifestyle”: an ethical lifestyle beyond nutrition

All that our bodies need is generously donated by nature. That is why having habits that are as natural as possible makes our lifestyle healthier.

Vegan lifestyle is closest to nature: adopting the “Vegan Lifestyle” means committing to not harm animals of any kind – land, sea and air – and their freedom, banning the use of what derives from them, in all forms (nutrition, clothing, beauty products and body care, etc.).

Our company was one of the first in Italy to pay attention to the well-being of our animal friends: since 1968, year of our foundation , all our products are strictly Cruelty Free, that is, not tested on animals.

Creating a line of supplements that respects Vegan ethics has been the natural evolution of a cause that has always led our development choices.

And so, from now on, our dietary supplements are made exclusively with non-animal ingredients, vitamins and minerals.

This feature makes them suitable for those who are careful to the health benefits of nature and for those who adopt the “Vegan Lifestyle”.

It is good to point out that even with the new non-animal formulation, the active principles of our supplements have remained unchanged: for this reason their efficacy is 100% guaranteed.


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Artedin will be in Vegan form starting autumn 2017.